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Carolina Liechtenstein

Encinitas, CA


Carolina Liechtenstein is a multi-faceted artist and business woman. She is prolific, and always seeks out the story, whether it is a world event, a story about a cool machine or something of her artistic imagination. Born within the original classic Hollywood world, she is the granddaughter to the great film director, John Ford.

At 18, she ended up lost in the mix of humanity, in LA, as a struggling young adult and artist. She took advantage of the situation and plugged into the creative world that was right at her feet. She became an award winning photographer while still in high school, taking photos of dramatic clouds and storms from an airplane.

Carolina did not at first see a future career as an artist, for she knew she had a technical mind. In the early part of her life, she studied aircraft and aerospace systems, joined the USAF and learned to fly. She thought her life's calling was flying, which is a passion of hers.

But as much a she loved aircraft systems, project management, systems engineering and flying - the creative energy still lurked.

Someone dear to her, HSH Prince Hans-Adam of Liechtenstein, today the Reigning Prince of the Principality of Liechtenstein, but then the Crown Price of that nation - encouraged Carolina to go ahead and pursue her creativity. He told her to keep up with her writing and image depiction. She soon learned that one does not have to give up art, music or writing while enjoying a career outside of that. All one must have is the courage to do creative projects, and manage time carefully.

Soon mechanical things, including cars and airplanes, became the intense topic of study and depiction for Carolina. She has photographed and painted thousands of pictures of machines and their components over the years. Many of her images were taken while in flight in a tactical jet!

Here you will see many machines, as well as animals, nature, political events and more.

Today Carolina is an award winning indie filmmaker and a documentarian. She is also an MBA and is fully engaged and grounded in the business world. She is also a former professional pilot and USAF vet.

She not only creates films and images, but she also writes books, and writes and performs music.

She does have a press card and press parking pass, and can cover your story....


Astronomy and Our Home Galaxy The Milky way


Black and White Photography

Wildlife Photography

Actual Paintings

Digital Paintings

Pop Art

Semi-Abtract and Impressionistic


Using Film

Holga and Plastic Camera Film Photos

Pinhole Photography Both in Film and Digital

Just Drawings




Animals in General

Beach Sunsets

Desert Sunsets


Smiles of Cars and Trucks


The Moon

World Affairs

ICBM Series On Today's Nuclear Threat

Rockers and Rock Culture

Bikers and Biker Culture

Native American Dance for Healing

Surf Art


Beauty of Plant Life

Joshua Tree National Park

Self Portraits and Pictures of Me

A Blue Period of my Own.

Jesus. A Man Named Yeshua.

Yucca Valley Yeshua. A Park For Christ in a Desert Town.


Independence Day

Sexy Cowboys

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